Our team

Music therapy is an interdisciplinary field of science and practice. Therefore, in addition to music therapists, our team includes doctors, musicians, scientists, psychologists, educators, and mathematicians. All of them are specialists of the highest qualification of the international level, united by the idea of making the world a better place through the synthesis of science and art.
The Technologies of Scientific Music Therapy developed by the "Doctor Music" International Group are the practical embodiment of this idea.



Prof. Dr. Sergey V.  Shushardzhan: MD, DMedSc, PhD, Academician IAIM, RAMTS, PAS&A and IAEIS, President of The European Academy For Music Therapy (EAMT, EU), founding member of the International Association for Music & Medicine. Received an excellent well-rounded education: higher medical and higher  musical. As a singer he is known as the owner of the outstanding baritone whose repertoire has 15 operatic roles, more than 500 arias, romances and songs. .
At the same time, Prof. Shushardzhan enjoys well-deserved reputation as a physician-scientist, author of popular books and textbooks, more than 170 scientific works and 11 inventions in the field of  Music Therapy, AntiAging Therapy, Immunology and Psychology.

Gold medal «European quality» was awarded to prof. Dr. S. Shushardzhan in 2016  for outstanding achievements in Scientific Music Therapy, Practice and Education by the European Scientific and Industrial Consortium.

Prof. Dr. Natalia Eremina  (Russia, Bulgaria)

Board member, EAMT professor, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Certified Music Therapist, International Lecturer. 

Leading specialist in Family Music Therapy, Anti-aging technologies and Music Therapy for Pregnant Women. Developed Musical & Doll Therapy and other known methods. 

Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Petoukhov (Russia)

Board member, Dr. Phys.-Math. Sci,  Chief of the MERI RAS Laboratory of biomechanical systems, Chief Researcher  in the "Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Musical Creativity" of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, specialist in mathematical biology and genetic music, International Lecturer.

Prof. Dr. Ruben Shushardzhan (Russia)

Board member, RAN professor, EAMT Associate Professor, MD, PhD, Certified Music Therapist, Chiropractor, International Lecturer. Author of scientific works and inventions. Developed  method of Music Puncture, hardware and software complex "Akutone". 

Tatiana Allik (Estonia)

Board member, Director of the Center for rehabilitation and treatment  “Doctor Music from Estonia OÜ”, Certified Music Therapist, Master of Pedagogy.

MD. Gustáv Solár, PhD (Slovakia)

Board member, Acupuncturist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Lecturer, President of the International Society of Natural Medicine

 Dr. Olga Ulitsky (Israel)

Board member, Senior  Oncologist of the Rabin Medical Center, Certified Music Therapist.

Prof. Aleksandr Koblyakov (Russia)

Board member, Dean of the composition faculty and Chief of the "Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Musical Creativity" of the Moscow State Conservatory after P. Tchaikovsky.

PaedDr. Zlatica Solárová, PhD (Slovakia)

Board member,professional guarantor of sports organization, sportsman-trainer and sports instructor fitness-bodybuilding, biofeedback diagnostics, training, acupuncture diagnostics, lecturer

Dr. Tatiana Gordeeva (Russia, Tatarstan)

PhD, Associate Professor of the Kazan State Culture Institute, Certified Music Therapist, Head of the "Kazan Music Therapists Community", Lecturer.

Dr. Alek Itsekson, PhD (Israel)

Board member, Director  of the Myofacial Pain Unit, Sheba Medical Center, Director of the Personal Medicine  Clinic. 

Gayane Apetian (Russia)

Pianist, winner of international competitions, leading concertmaster, an expert in the field of Musicology and Living Music Therapy

Dr. Folker Meisner (Germany)

Board member,  Medical  Director  of  the  Competence  Center  for  Applied  Information  Medicine, preisident of the GAEMBE.

Anastasya Verhoturova (Seyshelles)

Certified Music Therapist, director of the Scientific Mucic Therapy Center "Dr. Music of Seyshelles".

 Our team participates in many international projects: congresses and conferences, research and educational grants, constructs music therapy high  technologies and gives training courses on Scientific Music Therapy.

Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation !